Our Mission

SkipGuru.com has been established to support the efforts of all Skip-Tracers through education and training. Our approach in all our efforts will be agnostic, meaning that we advocate no political bias for or against any group, trade association or industry. The distinctive nature of the Skip-Tracing profession, with its uncommon challenges and rewards, deserves a forum in which we can congregate to discuss new products, ideas, and regulations. The purpose is to promote the participation and training of skip-tracers everywhere, and for that reason membership in this forum is FREE!

Until Next Timeā€¦.. Follow me down the path to better skip tracing!.

Alex Price


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  1. avatar GARGES1107 says:

    Hi Alex,

    You spoke at a training seminar (MCODSA) I attended. I was very impressed with your training. In March of this year 2016 I took and passed SKIP-TRACERS NATIONAL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM.
    This was a great course written by you. I learn a great deal and hope I maybe get get into field on companies that assignment work. Thank’s Alex so much.

    Terry L Hogan CPS

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